Commodity -Premium Fragrances Tailored to your style

I have a large collection of fragrances for men such as Creed Aventus, Terre d’Hermès, l’eau d’issey, and many more. I love trying out and testing new fragrances. Commodity has made the process of picking and choosing fragrances easy as possible. You can order a kit of all 10 eau de parfum fragrances to your door. Try each scent in the comfort of your home, and determine
your favorite(s). And finally redeem for a larger bottle of your favorite fragrance.

Pricing starts at $49 for the kit or $99 for the kit plus 100ml bottle of your choice.

Order today HERE

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Himali Annapurna Softshell on Kickstarter

Himali is offering a softshell jacket that is windproof, stretch, water resistant with soft fleece interior. The company is offering the softshell for as little as $125. The Annapurna SoftShell will be offered in two colors for men and three colors for women. The softshell jacket was created by Tendi Sherpa and Dave Schaeffer in early 2014. The company has already surpassed it’s goal of $13,500 with a current pledge of $21,000. The project ends on December 18th so it’s not too late to pledge for your very own Annapurna softshell jacket HERE

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Belmoto from the founder of Magrette

Belmoto is the spin off brand from Dion McAsey, the founder of Magrette Timepieces. McAsey wanted to create a new brand that focuses on the era of race car driving and motorcyling. The same precision and craftsmanship from Magrette is transplanted to Belmoto. Belmoto first collection is the Track-Day & Tourer collection that features Mecha-Quartz Chronographs priced at $500 and the Automatic collection priced at $700.

The Belmoto Collection is rebirth of the modern gentleman. This is for the modern gentleman that has a passion for racing and fast cars. The watch features Automatic and Mecha-Quartz movements, Sapphire Crystal and custom and hand-stitched leather bands.

Check out Belmoto Collection HERE

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Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots

It’s just about that time to bring out the boots for the winter and Allen Edmonds has some quite nice ones for this season. The Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots feature Lace-up derby boot with Cap-toe blucher and Distressed, soft kudu leather upper. The Normandy boots have Distressed double oak leather sole and regular heel and Goodyear sole that is re-crafable.

Available now for $350 HERE

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Roger Ximenez Bespoke Tan Saffiano Belt Review

One of the best accessories I like most in my wardrobe is a great belt. The belt can make the outfit your wearing look even better. There is plenty of selection of belts from makers such as Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and more. Some of these belts are good quality while others are of poor quality with a shiny logo attach to it. Roger Ximenez set out to create quality bespoke luxury belts with the best leather and exotic leather materials.

Roger Ximenez is a luxury bespoke leather goods manufacturer and distributor with over 25 years experience crafting genuine leather products. The company was founded by Founder and Master Leather Craftsman Roger Ximenez to establish a line of exclusive, bespoke leather goods.

The Roger Ximenez Tan Saffiano Belt starts with Saffiano leathers are imported from Italy and finished in the United States to exhibit a natural shine. Saffiano leathers are less prone to scratching and are considered some of the finest leathers in the world. The belts are Handcrafted and Made to Order in the U.S. The interior lining is a Nubuck Lining and each belt includes a Signature Travel Bag. The Solid Brass Palladium Plated Buckle has a brushed metal finish and looks classic on anyone wearing it. You can choose from 5 different color threads and belt size from 28 to 44. The belt comes in two size widths from 35mm to 40mm.

At $200 you are not going to find a better classic belt for the money. Quality wise Roger Ximenez offers the best leather in the world. The leather used in the belt is of great quality and the buckle is finished in Palladium. I find designer belts from Hermes, Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton to be too gaudy and flamboyant while Roger Ximenez is for the classic gentlemen.

10 Out of 10

Buy it now HERE

Disclosure: Review unit

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Jabra Sport Pace earbuds now available at Dick’s Sporting Goods

I love going to Dick’s Sporting goods when going to the mall. Now I have one more reason to make the trip as Jabra releases a new sports earbuds to the market. The Sport Pace Wireless earbuds will be sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $99.99.

The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless earbuds are the perfect accessory for fitness enthusiasts of all levels who love to listen to music to help them get the most out of their workouts – whether at the gym or out for a run. The accompanying Jabra Sport Life app has the tools needed to plan and monitor fitness activity to get the best workout possible.

Here is a run down of the features of the new sporty earbuds
Premium stereo sound

· Enhanced training with the complementary Sport Life app that provides evaluations and tips

· 5 hours talk and music time, as well as rapid charging

· Reflective neck cord optimal for running at night

· Ergonomic design for a secure fit

· Built with US military standard rain, shock, sand and dust resistance

· Available in blue, red and yellow colors (Blue SKU available at DICK’s Sporting Goods)

More info can be found HERE

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Roger Ximenez Cuero French Calf Belt

Roger Ximenez is a luxury bespoke belt company that produces handmade leather and exotic belts. The Roger Ximenez Cuero French Calf Belt is made from 100% French Calf Leather with Solid Brass Palladium Plated Buckle. You can choose either the 35mm or 40mm wide sizes. The belt is made in the USA and features Nubuck Lining and Signature Travel Bag.

Buy one now HERE for $229

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Elite & Luck Kyanite Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium & 18K Yellow Gold plated Review

“Elite & Luck” is one of the top retailers of Luxury Gemstone Cufflinks and Men’s Accessories in Bangkok, Thailand. I was in the market for some luxury cufflinks and the Elite & Luck fits the bill with it’s Gemstone Cufflinks that bring wealth, luck, and good fortune.

The cufflink I review here features the Kyanite semi-precious gemstone that as a unique power that brings money and transforms debt into wealth. The Kyanite gemstone has a nice blue hue that looks great with french cuff blue and white dress shirts.

It has long been known that gemstones can bring luck, wealth and good fortune to it’s wearer. Elite & Luck combines these gemstones with sterling silver and 18K yellow gold to provide something luxurious. I have owned cheap mall cufflinks to higher end David Yurman cufflinks but Elite & Luck cufflinks offers something new and unique to the cufflink market.

The Elite & Luck Kyanite Sterling Silver Cufflinks is a timeless beautifully cufflink that will look great at the office and special occasion’s. The level of luxury feel and powerful meanings of the gemstones makes them a great gift idea.

9.5 out of 10

Buy it now HERE

Disclosure: Review unit

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Kent Wang Sapphire Cufflinks Review

Kent Wang is a brand of classic menswear accessories at reasonable prices. The company has only two employees and prefers to keep their products logo free. The company does not believe in discounts and instead offers reasonably priced items. Kent Wang backs each product with a lifetime warrant and can be returned for a refund at any time.

I was looking for the ultimate luxury cufflink and was looking at David Yurman and Blake Green cufflinks. I have previously own several cufflinks by Kent Wang and have been impressed with the quality. The Kent Wang Sapphire Cufflinks are made from man made sapphire with 10 mm stone on each side. The double sided cufflinks use a six-prong setting and sterling silver bar between the sapphire stones.

The Sapphire gemstones are brilliantly cut and reflect light very well. The sapphire cufflinks feel like pure luxury and go perfectly with white or blue dress shirts. The stones on each side are fairly big so some french cuff dress shirts take some effort to get the cufflinks on.

Overall a very nice cufflink for the money. The $150 price tag is well worth it for a premium cufflink such as this. I have seen similar cufflinks sell for several hundred more from other companies. I have never been disappointed by Kent Wang product and the Sapphire Cufflinks doesn’t disappoint.

8.8 Out of 10

Disclosure: Purchased on my own

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Paula Run Mens Unlined Peccary Classic Leather Gloves Review

Peccary is considered the ultimate in luxury leather gloves. Peccary is a super soft leather that is durable and gets better with age. Rather than spending hundreds on a pair of Peccary gloves you can get a Paula Run Peccary Classic Leather Gloves for $139.99. The quality is just as good as the luxury name brands and since this is direct to the consumer the prices reflect the savings to the customer.

Paula Run sells both lined and unlined glove options depending on your personal preference. The unlined Peccary gloves I review here is entirely handmade and hand-stitched. Since there is no lining the fingers have more room for longer fingers.

Paula Run Peccary gloves are made from wild South American Peccary, each skin is individual as a result of tiny natural flaws and scars in its skin. The marks and flaws in the skin of the Peccary leather give it a unique look and every glove is a little different.

Overall a great value for the money, Paula Run Peccary gloves are the ultimate in luxury leather Peccary gloves without the high price tag. While other companies markup there Peccary gloves because of their brand name, Paula Run passes the savings of direct sales to the consumer. A great winter leather glove will last you a long time and Paula Run Peccary gloves is arguably the best to keep your hands warm and stylish.

Buy it now HERE

Disclosure: Review unit

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