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RAVEAN – The world’s first heated down jacket

This jacket launched on Kickstarter and has a built in battery with heated body panels in a down jacket that can keep you warm in the worst weather. The jacket even has gloves that you can attach and warm your hands as well. The jacket looks quite stylish and is even packable in a stuff […]

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The Original Ruff – Add faux fur to any jacket hood

This is a pretty cool idea if you want the look of faux fur hoody while still wearing your favorite jacket. I recently purchased an Abercrombie parka and would love to add a little style to it by adding this Original Ruff faux fur. The Original Ruff attaches to your hooded jacket by magnets and […]

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GoTo Belts NEWPORT Buckle and Sport Casual Belt

Looking for a more casual belt for the summer to pair with your favorite jeans. The GoTo Belts NEWPORT Buckle and Sport Casual Belt is the perfect fitting belt for a stylish look. The automatic belt has a ratchet system that allows you to change the belt size on the fly. This belt gives you […]

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