Gold’s Gym Multi-Function Resistance Band Review

I had a chance to check out the Gold’s Gym Multi-Function Resistance Band. I have had other resistance bands before but this one is very versatile. The band comes in a blue band made of latex material. You can use the Resistance band to work the upper and lower body. I found this particular great to work the arms, chest, and legs.

The Gold’s Gym Multi-Function Resistance Band is perfect between heavy weightlifting to tone and work your body. The Resistance Band has infinite amount of different uses and progresses with you as you get stronger. The Resistance bands has holes that have different resistance levels. The resistance band gets tougher as your hands get closer together.

To start you hold the farthest hole and then work up closer to the middle to get extra resistance. The Resistance band has 6 levels of resistance. It is an excellent way to step up your yoga and Pilates workouts. Gold’s Gym Multi-Function Resistance Band is the best Resistance band I have found yet. It offers unlimited possibilities and progresses as you get stronger.

9.7 Out of 10

Buy it now at Walmart Store or online HERE

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