Z.A.P.S.Gear Survival Grenade Black

Z.A.P.S. Survival Grenade is a USA Made, Marine-designed kit for survival. The Survival Grenade is compact, waterproof, and designed to keep you alive in all situations. Inside the 45-feet paracord, you will find a steel shackle, a load bearing spring clip, a compass, a wire saw, three wire snares, a fire starter, three pieces of tinder, 30 feet of fishing line, three fish hooks, six sinkers, two barrel swivels, a knife blade, a sheet of aluminum foil, a gallon Ziploc bag, three stormproof matches with striker, a large needle, 20 feet of black thread, six water purification tablets, a whistle, duct tape, and a laminated users guide.

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Z.A.P.S.Gear Survival Grenade Black

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