Sleepbox is just as it sounds, a small room made of wood where you can sleep. These little private rooms would work great at airports when a flight is delayed and you can’t go to a hotel because of the weather.

SLEEPBOX is a great piece of user-centred design.
It provides a unique opportunity to differentiate in a saturated hotel market.
Consider opening SLEEPBOX hotel in your area!
Increase occupancy: install right where people are
SLEEPBOX hotels are perfect for cities as well as airports and railway stations.
Charge premium prices: each SLEEPBOX is a private room with unrivaled boutique interior
Cut lease costs: each SLEEPBOX occupies just 4 sq. m.
Achievable density – 7 sq. m. of total hotel area per bed using SLEEPBOX DOUBLE for 2 persons. Even more efficient use of floor area can be achieved using SLEEPBOX TRIPLE for 3 persons.
Cut set up costs: use unfurbished open spaces

via Minimal Home

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