Detroit Watch Co.

Look out Shinola, another Detroit brand is taking the watch community by storm. Detroit Watch Co. is launching a new brand based out of Detroit.

The founder of the company has posted on WUS

Having read the thread, I thought I should introduce myself to the forum.
I’m the founder of Detroit Watch Company. Thank you to all the members for the positive comments at such an early stage. We hope to have our detailed photography of our timepieces within the next 2 weeks before we launch the full website and the launch editions ordering.
I have, personally been designing and having timepieces manufactured, both in Germany and Switzerland and China depending on the projects since 2004.
One of my dearest friend, Hartwig Balke of Towson Watch co has been a mentor to me for several years. I have designed watches with him while He has shown me the intricate details of watch making.
Since leaving a brand I had co-founded, I spent a few years developing timepieces for clients while friends and family kept pressure me to start my own brand.

The story of Detroit became that brand. There is a great story to be told behind each timepiece. Yes, final assembly will take place in Detroit, but the reality is that we live in a global economy and will source the best components for our price point from our international sources, whether it be Hong Kong or Germany and Switzerland.
Pricing is almost set and WILL be kept below $1000.

Being born in Montreal, the Fleur de Lys has become an integral part of our story due to the founding father of Detroit, Antoine de Cadillac. The Detroit flag has the Fleur de Lys.
I will you updated on more of the story. Please sign up for our newsletter so as to stay informed on our latest developments.

Thanks again for your comments


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