FatCloth Stanley Green Pocket Square Review

FatCloth is not your normal pocket square, as it is high tech microfiber fabric that takes a beating. Microfiber makes the FatCloth less prone to wrinkles and can withstand multiple washings. The material feels just like silk.

I received the FatCloth Stanley Green pocket square and it does look great in person. I am a tech geek and gadget blogger so I like that I can use the FatCloth as a cleaning cloth for my Smartphone and Tablet. The styles are very attractive and feature a rolled hem with decorative stitching on edge.

I like that FatCloth is a different from all the other pocket squares on the market. It uses a durable material for those times you need to lend a handkerchief to a lady in need. I recommend you buy a couple for special events like weddings.

Overall the FatCloth is something I recommend to the modern gentleman. The FatCloth pocket square looks good with a suit and doubles as a screening cloth for your iPhone. The FatCloth is the most versatile pocket square on the market and one that you’re going to love.

9.2 Out of 10

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