ProCuffs Dumbbell Sterling Silver Ball Cufflinks Review

ProCuffs Dumbbell Sterling Silver Ball Cufflinks is probably the cheapest brand new Sterling silver cufflink you can find. The sterling silver dumbbell cufflink sells for a mere $25(you can haggle for a best offer) through

The ProCuffs Dumbbell has matching sterling silver balls on each end of the cufflinks. You can find a similar version from Tiffany & Co for a lot more. The ProCuffs Dumbbell comes with a nice gift box and cleaning cloth.


Dimensions: 9/16″ by 4/16″
Color: Silver
Weight: 11g
Material: Metal

I am a big fan of cufflinks and ProCuffs Dumbbell Sterling Silver Ball Cufflinks is one the best at this cheap of price. Sterling Silver cufflinks I think are a little more stylish than stainless steel or brass cufflinks. You will not be disappointed by the Procuffs Dumbbell cufflinks as it’s a perfect cufflink to wear for business and casual affairs.

9 out of 10

Buy it now here

Disclosure: Purchased on my own, affiliate

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One Comment on "ProCuffs Dumbbell Sterling Silver Ball Cufflinks Review"

  1. joannapaul
    25/04/2014 at 9:50 am Permalink

    ProCuffs Dumbbell Cufflinks are cute and their miniature model is something that makes it to be more liked for. If anyone wishes to fasten their cuffs with affordable cufflinks, this one could do well to make their cuffs look neat and elegant.

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