Black Vines (2014) by Kerosene fragrance Review

I’m always on the lookout for new fragrances to tryout which are less commercial and not worn by every guy out there. Black Vines is a new fragrance from Kerosene that can be described as a manly spicy scent. The star of the show ingredient is star anise which gives a scent of black licorice. The initial burst of the fragrance is intense with the star anise and cinnamon but then dries down to a less sinister sweet vanilla aroma with a little Tonka bean and Incense mix in.

List of notes
Ivy, Fig, Star anise, Cinnamon, Canadian fir, Balsam of peru, Tonka, Incense, Vanilla

I can’t get enough of the scent Black Vines as it’s an addicting fragrance that will wake you up and then calm you down. I think Black Vines by Kerosene should be added to everyone’s want list for new fragrances for 2014.

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