Watch out for scam on Ebay and Cabelas

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This is the first time I have been scammed on the internet. First I purchase a North Face jacket on Ebay for $97.99 total. The seller sent it to me through Cabela’s. I give this jacket to my brother as a birthday gift. I find a month later Cabela’s sends me a letter that the seller chargeback the item and now Cabela’s is going after me not the seller who scammed them(and telling me I was scammed but Cabela’s was not since like it or not they are going to get their money(if I do not pay they will likely send collection agency after me) from me not the actual credit card holder(the seller)). I obvious can’t give back the jacket since it’s been worn by my brother and was a gift.

Paypal was actually helpful and told me they will run a dispute and I will likely get my money back for $97.99. (UPDATE: I got $97.99 from Paypal but still owe Cabela’s $184.39)

But Cabelas wants me to pay $184.39. WTF. Seriouly don’t buy from Cabela’s. They will stick you with a scam that wasn’t even your fault. Be very wary of buying North Face gear online.

When I asked Cabelas what they were doing to prevent this from happening they told me NOTHING. They are not even investigating the Ebay seller who chargeback the credit card. Instead they want me to pay immediately.

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2 Comments on "Watch out for scam on Ebay and Cabelas"

  1. Randy
    12/02/2017 at 4:30 am Permalink

    What was the final outcome here? This same thing is happening to me now.

  2. nzomatrix
    12/02/2017 at 4:39 am Permalink

    Hi I ended up filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Cabela’s and was told I only need to pay the amount of the Ebay item back. Cabela’s customer service was no help so went through BBB and got it resolved.

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