The World’s Slimmest, Most Convenient USB Flash Drive

Slim Data 4GB USB Card

The innovative Slim Data USB Cards are the slimmest, most versatile USB flash drives on the market. The same size and thickness as a credit card, carry Slim Data in your wallet and eliminate the worry of losing or misplacing your USB memory. And because you can carry one or multiple Slim Data USB Cards in your wallet, youll never be caught without it. Your Slim Data USB Card is ALWAYS with you. Constructed of durable plastic, and available in assorted colors, Slim Data USB Cards are simple to use and are compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. To use the card, simply lift the hinged cover and plug the card into any USB 2.0 or 1.1 compatible port to transfer or share your digital files. Ideal for storing, carrying, transporting, and sharing digital photos, videos, music, data, and documents, the ultra-light Slim Data USB Cards (only 9 grams) offer a level of versatility and usability not found in any other USB flash drives. Consumers: Carry your valuable digital photos with you to show for family and friends wherever and whenever the occasion arises; Customize your Slim Data USB Cards and load them with special photographs, music, etc., and give them to guests at your special events. Everytime they use the card, theyll think of you! Businesses: Customize the Slim Data USB Cards with your company logo and give them out to customers and clients to generate long-term branding; Use Slim Data USB Cards to create and distribute digital marketing kits, eliminating the high-costs of printing paper-based materials and promoting your eco-friendly marketing practices; Customize Slim Data USB Cards and use them as intelligent business cards, to provide potential clients with a valuable USB storage device that gives you long-term branding. Please contact us for volume pricing and customization quotes.

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