GearDiary reviews iBlink earphones

I heard about the iBlink earphones on a podcast on Cnet Crave blog. It was supposed to be earphones geared toward tweens.

GearDiary has mixed feelings about the earphones saying.

Overall I have mixed feelings about the iBlink earbuds. The main differentiating feature – the blinking lights – is an absolute hit and works perfectly. It is definitely worth spending a few extra dollars to get this feature, especially for kids and teens. But the earbuds themselves are nothing particularly special. They have decent sound and are reasonably well made, and are right in line with the $20 earbuds we had previously bought in that regard. That would mean a $5 premium for the blinking lights, which is actually pretty reasonable based on what my kids think about the ‘coolness factor’. However, as I mentioned before, we only paid $16 for the earbuds, and the $25 is a discounted price, making the differential closer to $9. Based on the testing I did, that makes it a tougher value proposition. These are still very good earbuds, but in my opinion they are overpriced by a few dollars based on the features and performance they deliver.

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and buy the iBlink here
IBLINK BLB2 Earbuds with LED Lights (Black with Blue LED Lights)

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