Cutco Hunting Knife In Gift Box Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

I was first introduced to Cutco when my cousin was working for Vector Marketing as a summer job. He sold me on the Petite Chef’s Knife. I bought it and quickly arrived in the mail. Since I got it I have been using it in the kitchen on a regular basis. Recently I was looking for a hunting knife and just happened on the Cutco website to find the Hunting Knife In Gift Box.

The Hunting Knife came in a gift box for gift giving. Then when you peak inside you will find a high quality leather sheath with the Hunting Knife inside. You can choose from two different blade types the Straight edge or Double-D® edge blade. The knife also comes with either Pearl (White) or Classic (Black) handles. I chose the Straight edge with the classic handle. The blade measures 5-1/2″ and the entire knife measures 10-1/8″ overall.

In Michigan it’s all about hunting season and the Hunting Knife will come in handy. This will be my main hunting knife and the style and function of the knife makes it perfect for me. The Hunting Knife works well for cutting and slicing and if you need to cut through bone you may want Cutco’s Double-D edge blade. The knife comes sharp and if I ever need it resharpened I can send it back to Cutco. The Cutco Forever Guarantee shows that they stand by their product. In addition the knife is made in America which is a major plus in my opinion.

The Cutco Hunting Knife in Gift Box is a great knife that I’m sure will last a lifetime and is backed by Cutco’s Forever Guarantee. The Hunting knife is beautifully made and works extremely well. I’m so impressed by the knife that I plan to buy some as gifts this holiday season.

9.5 Out of 10

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