Cutco Drop Point Hunting Knife Review

Cutco is known for their quality knives and great customer service. I recently got a chance to review the Cutco Drop Point Hunting Knife and was impressed by this knife. The first time I purchase a Cutco knife I have been hooked by their knives.

The made in America knife measures 9-1/4″ overall with a 4-1/2″ blade. The knife comes in your choice of clip or drop point and straight or Double-D® edge. Leather sheath and lanyard included.

This is the perfect knife to take with you during hunting season. The knife works well for skinning your kills. The blade stays sharp even after multiple uses. The handle has a nice grip and comes in either black or orange.

The reason I choose Cutco over other knives is because they stand by their product. The forever guarantee provides replacement if your not satisfied with the current knife. In addition you can send them in for sharpening at any time. The Cutco Drop Point Hunting Knife is great knife for Outdoorsmen for hunting and just carrying with you. The knife is really a great bargain that rivals more expensive hunting knives. I highly recommend you check out the Cutco Drop Point Hunting Knife.

9.7 Out of 10

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