Bernhardt Binnacle Diver

Bernhardt Watch Company has announced a name change to their popular Sea Shark model.  The new Sea Shark will be named Bernhardt Binnacle Diver.  The watch will keep it’s signature shark tooth indices and shark engraving on the back.  The Binnacle Diver will be launching in April.

To all Bernhardt Customers:

A further update on the status of the Sea Shark name change.

Last week we announced that due to a trademark issue we were going to have to change the name of the Sea Shark. At that time we had decided to simply call it the Sea Diver. After further research and deliberation, and receiving feedback from customers, we have decided against that choice. Many seemed to feel this was not a unique enough title worthy of such an outstanding watch. We have listened and we think you are right. Out goes the Sea Diver and instead we rechristen it the “Binnacle Diver”! For just as the binnacle is the centerpiece of a ship, the Sea Shark has been the centerpiece of the Bernhardt lineup and we hope this new name cements that. And for anyone worried that this means a change to the watch be assured that is not the case. The Binnacle Diver will still feature the shark tooth indices and shark engraving on the back. The numbering will start over with the new launch.
We thank you for all the comments and emails regarding our situation with the trademark dispute. Knowing we have such fantastic and loyal support from our customers and fans means the world to us. Look out for the Binnacle Diver in April!


Fred B. Amos
Bernhardt Watch Company

via Bernhardt Facebook page

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