Best bang for your buck watch brands

Best bang for your buck watches.

1.  The Bernhardt Watch Company – The company makes very affordable watches with quality movement inside.  The Binnacle Anchor is one that catches the eye immediately for it’s great looks and $259 price tag.Website HERE

2.  Techne Instruments –  I know this company well as I reviewed the Techne Goshawk here on the site.  The Swiss based company makes pilot watches and use the latest technology such as the recent SparrowHawk II which has Mecha-Quartz movement. Website HERE

Entry Level Luxury Brands

3.  Archimede – The German company that doesn’t get as much recognition compared to the other German brands.  Archimede is a great value with Swiss ETA and Selitta movements inside their watches.  Website HERE

4. Christopher Ward – Christopher Ward is another company that sells high quality Swiss Made watches at amazing prices.  Website HERE

These are up and coming brands that I think are the best values for the money.  If your looking for great gift ideas these brands are quality watches that are respected by the watch community.


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