Xetum is the Apple of the Watch world

Xetum is a California designed maker of fine Swiss automatic watches.  They lack the 100 years of history that watch enthusiasts like so they get some flack for that.  This is the same as Apple being called overpriced compared to the PC and now who is getting all the accolades.  The brand is very aggressive in advertising on popular watch sites to improve their stature(Similar to how Tag improved there brand to a higher end luxury brand from a few years ago).  And I think it’s working because people are talking about the brand when other indie watch makers will never be discussed.  The lugless design is not for everyone but I like it and gives it a unique style that differentiates it from the pack.  The Swiss ETA movements in both the Tyndall and Stinson mean you get the best quality movement for the price.  Prices start at $995.

More info can be found HERE

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