GUIDOMAGGI’s Capri Luxury Hand Made in Italy Shoes Review

Ever wonder why women are looking taller than their partner?  Well women often wear 5 inch heels that make them taller than their guy, while men are relegated to wearing 1 inch heel dress shoes that give them no advantage.  This is where Luxury Elevator shoes level the playing field so men can have the same confidence in their height as women have had for ages.

GUIDOMAGGI has filled a niche in the market that caters to shorter or average size men looking for high quality elevator shoes.  The current market of elevator shoes are made in China and glued together in factories.  GUIDOMAGGI hand crafts their shoes in Italy where the best brands make their shoes.

The GUIDOMAGGI Capri is a cap toe blucher style dress shoe that is perfect the office or when you’re out and about.  The uppers are made of full grain leather vegetable-tanned with full leather lining.  The leather outsole is covered with a rubber topy that prevents slipping on wet surfaces.  The 1 1/2 inch heel is also covered with an anti-slipping rubber.  The total height increase is 3 inches with the heel and hidden built up insole. The increaser insole is made of a non squish material that is comfortable and with give you that extra height increase you crave.

The comfort of the Capri is very nice without any break in period.  The Capri can be dressed up with dress pants or dress done with designer jeans.  Since the pant leg covers the majority of the shoe no one except you will know this is an elevator shoe.  The styling of the shoe is sleek and fashion forward.

GUIDOMAGGI Capri luxury elevator shoe is the perfect shoe to add height while being fashionable.  Any other company offering this level of shoe quality you’re going to being paying upwards of $1000.  Although English shoes are very nice, Italy makes the best shoes on earth and GUIDOMAGGI is one of the finest.

10 Out of 10

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