Striiv Motivational Fitness Device with Belt Clip Review

I got a chance to check out the Striiv Fitness Device which is a pedometer with additional features. The Striiv competes with devices like the Fitbit and is priced the same.

Striiv is nice device to get fit while having fun. The Striiv has a touchscreen LCD that lets you to navigate the OS. This device actually reminds me of Apple Nano with a focus on fitness. The device comes with everything you need to get started from the device, usb cable plus charger, quick start guide, 2 screen protectors, belt clip, and key fob to hang on your keychain.

The Striiv can track your footsteps, stair climbs, miles, calories, and energy on the device. The UI you swipe to the side to see each statistic. One cool feature is that Striiv will team up with GlobalGiving to donate money (paid by corporate sponsors) for each step that customers take with the Striiv.

Fitness and gaming has become more popular with the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect. Striiv has also taking the gaming element into this device. Striiv comes preloaded with MyLand which allows you to buy flowers and trees to spruce up an enchanted island. You make virtual money by doing active tasks which can later be used to purchase flowers and trees for your island. Striiv has promised more games are in the works for this device.

Striiv is cool product that I think is the best Fitness Device available. The accuracy of each step is very precise. The gaming elements add a fun element to this device when we know a lot people hate exercising. I recommend you check out the Striiv as I believe it’s the next generation of fitness devices for the digital age.

9.5 Out of 10

Buy it now at HSN HERE

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