Elite & Luck Kyanite Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium & 18K Yellow Gold plated Review

“Elite & Luck” is one of the top retailers of Luxury Gemstone Cufflinks and Men’s Accessories in Bangkok, Thailand. I was in the market for some luxury cufflinks and the Elite & Luck fits the bill with it’s Gemstone Cufflinks that bring wealth, luck, and good fortune.

The cufflink I review here features the Kyanite semi-precious gemstone that as a unique power that brings money and transforms debt into wealth. The Kyanite gemstone has a nice blue hue that looks great with french cuff blue and white dress shirts.

It has long been known that gemstones can bring luck, wealth and good fortune to it’s wearer. Elite & Luck combines these gemstones with sterling silver and 18K yellow gold to provide something luxurious. I have owned cheap mall cufflinks to higher end David Yurman cufflinks but Elite & Luck cufflinks offers something new and unique to the cufflink market.

The Elite & Luck Kyanite Sterling Silver Cufflinks is a timeless beautifully cufflink that will look great at the office and special occasion’s. The level of luxury feel and powerful meanings of the gemstones makes them a great gift idea.

9.5 out of 10

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Disclosure: Review unit

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Kent Wang Sapphire Cufflinks Review

Kent Wang is a brand of classic menswear accessories at reasonable prices. The company has only two employees and prefers to keep their products logo free. The company does not believe in discounts and instead offers reasonably priced items. Kent Wang backs each product with a lifetime warrant and can be returned for a refund at any time.

I was looking for the ultimate luxury cufflink and was looking at David Yurman and Blake Green cufflinks. I have previously own several cufflinks by Kent Wang and have been impressed with the quality. The Kent Wang Sapphire Cufflinks are made from man made sapphire with 10 mm stone on each side. The double sided cufflinks use a six-prong setting and sterling silver bar between the sapphire stones.

The Sapphire gemstones are brilliantly cut and reflect light very well. The sapphire cufflinks feel like pure luxury and go perfectly with white or blue dress shirts. The stones on each side are fairly big so some french cuff dress shirts take some effort to get the cufflinks on.

Overall a very nice cufflink for the money. The $150 price tag is well worth it for a premium cufflink such as this. I have seen similar cufflinks sell for several hundred more from other companies. I have never been disappointed by Kent Wang product and the Sapphire Cufflinks doesn’t disappoint.

8.8 Out of 10

Disclosure: Purchased on my own

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Paula Run Mens Unlined Peccary Classic Leather Gloves Review

Peccary is considered the ultimate in luxury leather gloves. Peccary is a super soft leather that is durable and gets better with age. Rather than spending hundreds on a pair of Peccary gloves you can get a Paula Run Peccary Classic Leather Gloves for $139.99. The quality is just as good as the luxury name brands and since this is direct to the consumer the prices reflect the savings to the customer.

Paula Run sells both lined and unlined glove options depending on your personal preference. The unlined Peccary gloves I review here is entirely handmade and hand-stitched. Since there is no lining the fingers have more room for longer fingers.

Paula Run Peccary gloves are made from wild South American Peccary, each skin is individual as a result of tiny natural flaws and scars in its skin. The marks and flaws in the skin of the Peccary leather give it a unique look and every glove is a little different.

Overall a great value for the money, Paula Run Peccary gloves are the ultimate in luxury leather Peccary gloves without the high price tag. While other companies markup there Peccary gloves because of their brand name, Paula Run passes the savings of direct sales to the consumer. A great winter leather glove will last you a long time and Paula Run Peccary gloves is arguably the best to keep your hands warm and stylish.

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Disclosure: Review unit

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Sawyer Sunglasses Floating Wooden Sunglasses

After a successful Kickstarter project, Sawyer Sunglasses is selling their high quality Floating Wooden Sunglasses online. The company offers wooden sunglasses that fit all different faces. The prices of the wooden sunglasses range from $72 to $96 and are available now.

Buy it now HERE

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Articles of Leather reviews Hildeståhl Medium Bag

Our sister site Articles of Leather has posted up a review of the Hildeståhl Medium Bag. Check out our review of the ultimate manbag HERE

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Crumpler Vis-à-Vis Attaché Briefcase

Those looking for a travel briefcase can look no further than the Crumpler Vis-à-Vis Attaché Briefcase. The Crumpler Vis-à-Vis Attaché Briefcase blends a hard case with the look of a briefcase. The Briefcase can hold an iPad, laptop and all your other gear.

Buy it now HERE

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Pro-Tech Knives and Minuteman Watch Co team up to raise funds for Special Operations Warrior

Pro-Tech Knives and Minuteman watch co teams up to create an exciting new product, the Minuteman/Pro-Tech TR4 Manual. The knife is limited to only 40 ever made so very collectible for those collectors out there. The made in USA knife is on sale for $299(a hundred cheaper than the retail price of $400).

Head over to Minuteman Watches to preorder now HERE

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Vincero The Journeyman

Vincero The Journeyman is the newest bag in the Vincero collective line of leather goods. The bag is offered for an amazing $199 with or without logo based on your taste.

The Weender is made from full-grain premium tanned leather. Bags from other brands would run you around $400-$800.

Bag Specs

Full-Grain Premium Tanned Cow Leather
Protected Front Slip Pocket
Adjustable Leather Shoulder Strap
Hidden front zipper pocket.
Rear zipper pocket.


Conforms to all carry-on luggage dimensions
20″ Wide
10″ Tall
9″ Deep
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Bros. Leather Supply Co. The Fulton Bag

Grand based leather company Bros. Leather Supply Co. has released The Fulton, named after the oldest and most recognizable streets in Grand Rapids. The bag is perfect carry-on for a trip, a weekend getaway, or to the gym. The duffle bag is made from natural cowhide full-grain leather and handmade.

What it fits:

15” Macbook®, Macbook Pro® in laptop pocket®; 13” Macbook®, Macbook Pro®, Macbook Air® in laptop pocket
Tablet (iPad®, Surface®, etc)
Clothes, shoes
Books, Notebooks, Notepads, Moleskins®

$430 HERE

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FITSNACK – Healthy Snack Delivery service Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
Fitsnack is a subscription based health snack delivery service. The service offers 7-10 carefully curated snacks that generally value over $30.

The FITSNACK box will include new items every month. The April FITSNACK box I received includes Organic Pancake Mix, Raw Nut Mix, Veggie Chips, Energy Mocha Bites, two Protein shake mixes, two healthy crunchy chips, veggie chips, all natural cookie, two sunflower peanut butter samples, protein bar, and access to Fit 4 Life Digital Guide.

Some of my favorites in the box include

Lenny & Larry’s White Chocolate Macadamia Complete Cookie – The cookie was excellent. I don’t eat a lot of cookies because I found them too sweet. The Lenny’s & Larry’s vegan cookie is soft, not too sweet, and full of flavor.

COMPETE® Energy Bites – This is a great pick me up snack that contains caffeine comparable to 12 oz. premium coffee. The mocha flavor has a great bittersweet mocha flavor that coffee lovers would love.

Simply 7 Lentil chips and Quinoa chips offer crunchy chips without the loads of salt and grease that regular chips have. The chips use all-natural ingredients with a hint of sea salt. The chips are Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Kosher.

SunButter tastes awesome in a PB&J sandwich and the nut free Sunflower Spread offers a great alternative to peanut butter. SunButter contains 1/3 less saturated fat, is higher in fiber, vitamin E, zinc, iron, potassium and taste better than your average peanut butter.

NOGII Protein Powder – When I go to the gym, I like to take a protein shake with me after a vigorous workout. NoGii was created by celiac and gluten-free advocate Elisabeth Hasselbeck and offers a certified gluten-free Whey & Quinoa Protein powders. The powders contain 7 grams of fiber, 20 grams of protein per serving, probiotics and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or added colors.

The FITSNACK box includes a ton of snacks that can last the whole month. The monthly cost is $23.90 with shipping for one month that you can cancel any time. The company also offers 3 month, 6 month and 1 year plan with discounts based on length of subscription.

FITSNACK includes free bonuses that include recipes, workouts and more. The company also donates a meal to Feeding America for every box sold. FITSNACK is ideal for those that do not have the time to buy all these healthy snacks in store. It would take me a long time to find all these items in the store.

FITSNACK would make an awesome gift for students, working professionals, stay at home moms, college students off to live in and dorm and more. I find it difficult to find healthy options in my area and FITSNACK takes the ease out of healthy snacking. It is great sampling the products featured in FITSNACK and I plan on purchase full-size versions of several of the snacks.

10 Out of 10

Subscribe to FITSNACK HERE

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