Origins Leather Company The Traveler’s Pouch

I was looking for a way to carry my Samsung Tab4 7.0 inch tablet and came upon this Origins Leather Company The Traveler’s Pouch. The Traveler’s Pouch was designed for 7 inch tablets and has a slim exterior pocket that holds your important paperwork.

Buy this now for $125 HERE

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Floto Parma Edition Leather Duffle Bag

Those that need to travel will look to this beautiful Floto Parma Edition Leather Duffle Bag. It is the perfect travel bag for your next trip. The Floto Parma Edition Leather Duffle Bag s a premium Italian calf-skin that has been tumbled with our special cognac vegetable dye. The duffle bag will get better with age as the leather ages.

On sale now for $384 HERE

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Floto Imports Ragazza Bag

The perfect handbag for the lady in your life, the Floto Imports Ragazza Bag is the perfect gift for your loved one. The Ragazza Bag has a simple design yet striking good looks. It is made of embossed Italian calfskin leather and comes in Tan, Black, Yellow, and Ivory. Made in Italy.

• 13″ h x 16″ l x 6″ w – Drop: 6″
• Detachable Crossbody Strap
• Embossed Calfskin Leather
• Smartphone Pocket
• Floto Stripe Canvas Interior

Buy it now for $299 HERE

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Waskerd Knox Zipper Wallet

If you plan to travel this holiday season you may want to pick up this Waskerd Knox Zipper Wallet. The wallet is made for travel as it can carry spare cash and all you credit cards and ID. The Waskerd Knox Zipper Wallet is available now for $100.

Buy it now HERE

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UHL Heritage Belt

Designer belts are made of poor quality and are only purchased for the brand. A belt like this UHL Heritage Belt is purchased by real guys looking for a belt that will last. The Heritage Belt is a homage to Swedish Army belts of yesteryear.

The belt is made to take a beating and is the widest and thickest leather UHL sells. The belt is available now for $59 in your choice of color and size.

Buy it now HERE

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Gold’s Gym Multi-Function Resistance Band Review

I had a chance to check out the Gold’s Gym Multi-Function Resistance Band. I have had other resistance bands before but this one is very versatile. The band comes in a blue band made of latex material. You can use the Resistance band to work the upper and lower body. I found this particular great to work the arms, chest, and legs.

The Gold’s Gym Multi-Function Resistance Band is perfect between heavy weightlifting to tone and work your body. The Resistance Band has infinite amount of different uses and progresses with you as you get stronger. The Resistance bands has holes that have different resistance levels. The resistance band gets tougher as your hands get closer together.

To start you hold the farthest hole and then work up closer to the middle to get extra resistance. The Resistance band has 6 levels of resistance. It is an excellent way to step up your yoga and Pilates workouts. Gold’s Gym Multi-Function Resistance Band is the best Resistance band I have found yet. It offers unlimited possibilities and progresses as you get stronger.

9.7 Out of 10

Buy it now at Walmart Store or online HERE

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Gold’s Gym 18″ Massage Foam Roller Review

The Massage Foam Roller just like the massage stick is for recovery. The Roller I found works for areas where the massage stick can attain. The Massage foam roller can work the back, arms, neck, upper shoulder, and other areas to relieve tension after a workout.

The textured black, dense foam provides a deep relief from aching joints and muscles. The Foam roller also can strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

The Gold’s Gym Massage 18″ Foam Roller is perfect for stretching exercises, core strengthening, yoga, Pilates and physical therapy.

The Foam Roller is a great way to workout, increase flexibility and relieve stress. I highly recommend anyone that workouts a lot to buy the Gold’s Gym 18″ Massage Foam Roller for it’s positive effects. It is well worth the money and something I use a lot.

9.5 Out of 10

Buy it now HERE

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Gold’s Gym Bendable Massage Bar Review

Runners and other athletes will experience muscle tightness from their athletic activities and now there is a way to massage away the tight muscles. The Gold’s Gym Bendable Massage Bar is perfect for re-workout stretching and post-workout cool down. The stick will prevent muscle cramps and increases circulation.

The Gold’s Gym Bendable Massage Bar 18″ stick that has blue hard plastic handles with a foam bendable middle. The Massage bar can be used by yourself or a partner. You can work on your your calves, thighs or your back with the massage bar. I noticed immediately relieve from muscle tension from a jog. This is perfect for runners and athletes that need muscle recovery.

I go to Walmart to shop for everything and fitness equipment has a big presence in the store. You can get tons of nice gear while buying your groceries and other items. Before I had to go to a sports store, grocery store and clothing store. I can pretty much find everything at Walmart and next time you head over to Walmart get this Gold’s Gym Bendable Massage Bar as it’s worth the $15.

9.8 Out of 10

Buy it online at Walmart HERE

Disclosure: Review Unit, affiliate

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Lotus Folding Yoga Mat Review

No more taking 2-3 trips to go shopping when you can take one trip to Walmart. I did not know just how many exercise items available until I headed to a local Walmart to shop for essentials. Walmart has a wide selection of Yoga Mats such as this Lotus Folding Yoga Mat.

The Lotus Folding Yoga Mat comes in blue and is sized around 24x68x.12inches. It is the perfect size to take with you to the gym when they have group Yoga classes. The Yoga mat is made with quality materials and it has a textured pattern that reduces slipping.

The Lotus Folding Yoga Mat is a great way to get off the hard floor and onto this mat. It provides a nice cushion so your body doesn’t ache while doing Pilates, yoga, and other floor exercises. When your finished up working out you can roll up the mat and go.

9.2 Out of 10

Buy it now at Walmart stores and online HERE

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Decamp Goods Leather Watch Roll Review

I recently was interested in taking my watches with me when traveling during the holidays. I was looking at the selection of watch rolls on the market and found a lot of poorly made products. Then, I stumbled upon Decamp Goods Leather Watch Roll and was blow away by the watch rolls. If you take a look at their Instagram page you can see an amazing array of handmade leather watch rolls.

All Decamp Goods Leather Watch Roll are made 100% by hand without any machinery. Decamp Goods makes the watch roll by hand cut, hand punched, hand stitched, hand stamped. The leather watch roll is intentionally made rustic as if it could have been made 200 years ago.

The company Decamp meaning is “to depart quickly…” that is fitting for the watch roll. The watch roll is a great way to organize your watches as well as having quick access to your watches. I hate the watch boxes that are hard to open, take up space, and break apart. The watch roll is also great for taking traveling while on business, vacation, or a meet up.

The watch sleeve I received was the two sleeve watch roll in shades of brown. You can pick and choose various colors and the amount of pouches the watch roll contains.

I highly recommend you take a look at Decamp Goods Leather Watch Roll as they have one of the best watch rolls on the market. The leather will get better with age and the handmade quality will last for a long time.

Prices start at $45 for a full leather 2 sleeve watchroll. Generally 7 sleeves is the max – after that the rolls get too bulky. An all leather 7 sleeve is $165. Decamp Goods can add strap sleeves and tool sleeves too at $10 and $5, respectively.

10 Out of 10

Head over to Instagram to order your very own handmade Decamp Goods Watch Roll HERE

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